Status of 2021 Photo Tours

Like much of the world, the status of our 2021 photo tours is currently in a holding pattern of waiting to see how the situation with COVID-19 pandemic evolves.  Ultimately, the health and safety of our tour participants is of utmost importance, and we will not be running photo tours until we are comfortable that we are able to do them safely.


Owing to COVID-19 travel restrictions and area closures we have re-scheduled our first 6 photo tours of 2021 to the same or similar dates in 2022. The list of our currently re-scheduled photo tours includes The Pacific Rim Explorer, both Spring in the Southern Great Bear Rainforest photo tours, and all three Khutzeymateen Grizzlies photo tours.


We are currently hopeful that our remaining 5 photo tours (beginning with our August Marine Mammals photo tour and concluding with our October Queen Charlotte Strait photo tour) in 2021 will take place as scheduled. We will provide updates on the status of all these photo tours as time progresses and we have clearer information pertaining to their viability.


On a POSITIVE NOTE, when it is much closer to their commencement dates we may find that it will be possible to run some of the 11 photo tours (or even possibly some new photo tours). The catch is that we may not know we can run the photo tours until shortly before (such as 3-4 weeks before) the trip is scheduled. We fully realize this makes it tough for many to plan for – or participate – in the trips. However, it may also mean that we will end up with openings on photo tours that are traditionally very tough to find a spot on (e.g., virtually any of our Khutzeymateen or Great Bear Rainforest photo tours).


If YOU would like to be on a NOTIFICATION LIST to possibly participate in on one or more of these “scheduled at the last moment” photo tours just contact me at [email protected].


I am hoping that we all get to travel soon. If you have questions, feel free to contact me [email protected].