New Gear – Canon R5, R6, RF 70-200L

Over the last couple of weeks I have purchased a bunch of new Canon camera gear, probably the most I have every purchased in such a short period of time.


I picked up my R5 a couple of weeks ago, and have only had a couple of chances to go out and shoot with it, not enough time to start my review on it.  I will say that the animal eye AF is incredibly good (and really surprising).  It was able to detect the eye of a number of animal test subjects, from deer to little Pika, so it seems like size doesn’t matter.  I am looking forward to putting the camera through the paces and really get a feeling for it. If only there were photo tours!


This week I picked up an R6, and had one chance to go out and use it again with deer and Pika, and it seems like the autofocus is almost as good, or possible even as good of that of the R5.  I am curious how the ISO performance between the two bodies will differ.


And finally I just picked up a RF 70-200 f/2.8L IS lens the other day.  I was surprised that Canon went with the extending zoom on this lens.  It is nice for travelling, or putting in a pack, but I am curious if it will have moisture or dust issues. I am also looking forward to comparing it to the EF 70-200 to see how the performance of the two lenses varies.


Now I am just hoping to find some good test subjects over the coming weeks to really get to start using this new gear.  If you have any specific questions on any of the gear, feel free to email me [email protected].