Lightroom Upgrades February 2018

Lightroom Classic CC

  • Performance Upgrades
  • Collection Updates
  • Filtering Upgrades (edited/unedited)
  • New Camera/Lens Support

Lightroom CC

  • Adding Copyright on import
  • Android upgrades
  • iOS upgrades
  • New Camera/Lens Support

This week Adobe released new versions of both Lightroom CC (version 1.2), and Lightroom Classic CC (version 7.2).


The biggest update for Lightroom Classic CC that has me excited is the boost to performance for computers that have 12GB or more of ram. The boost in performance is advertised to be both when importing and exporting photos as well as when switching between loupe view. I have noticed that images are seeming to import faster, and the building of embedded previews has also been faster.  I have also noticed an improvement in how fast images deleted when selecting a large number of photos at one time.  In terms of how much actual time savings it is I haven’t quantified because there are so many factors that can impact it, including the number of other processes being run on the computer.


The other features of the Lightroom Classic CC upgrade which have me less excited (because I probably won’t use them) is the ability to create collections from folders, or from the map view. They have also added new filtering functions, including filtering based on whether an image is edited/unedited. Since I don’t do my editing in Lightroom, I don’t have a need for this filter, however I could see how it could be handy for those that do their editing in Lightroom, because you can see which images you still need to edit, or find one that you have edited more quickly.


More on the updates on Lightroom Classic CC can be found on the Adobe’s website here.

I am encouraged to see that Adobe is continuing to provide upgrades, especially performance upgrades, to it’s classic version.  I know they said they were going to continue to support and upgrade it, so I am happy to see that they are executing on the promise.


The changes to Lightroom CC are less exciting, with most of the changes coming to the mobile versions for Android and a few for iPad.  The upgrades for computer version is the ability to add copyright information when importing, and also they fixed a number of customer issues.  A number of improvements were made to android version, and you can see them all on Adobe’s website here.


Both version added support for new cameras.


If you have any questions on the latest updates, or my experience with them, feel free to contact me