It’s HERE! Canon 1dx Mark III & EOS R5 Announcement

Today is a big day for this Canon user.


My Canon 1DX Mark III has arrived.  I am so excited to get out and try it, and compare it to the 1DX Mark II.  Ergonomically it feels pretty similar to the 1DX Mark II, but we will see how it stacks up compared to the 1DX Mark II, especially for my focus, wildlife photography.


Also, last night Canon has released a statement that it is working on a new mirrorless, the EOS R5.  I am very much looking forward to trying a new mirrorless camera.  I feel like the EOS R really didn’t meet my needs, especially as an owner of the 5D Mark IV, so I am looking forward to Canon’s next attempt at the mirrorless cameras, and hopefully this fills a void in my current camera line up.


The EOS R5 is advertised as having 20 frames per second, and 8K video, but the rest of the details are pretty vague.  Based on the photos that are floating around online, the camera looks much more ergonomic, and more similar to the 5D Mark IV.   There are lots of rumors out there, so I guess we will just need to wait and see what the actual specs are when the “real announcement” is made.  Canon also mentioned that they are working on a 200-500, and 24-105 lens for the RF mount, so it looks like they are really trying to catch up in the mirrorless game.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on my new 1DX Mark III, or if there is anything you specifically want me to test out for you.  My email is