Ask and you Shall Receive – Part 1 – Canon 400mm f/2.8L

Canon 400 f/2.8L IS III

  • Incredibly Light (2840g)
  • 1000g Lighter than vII
  • Improved IS – 5 stops
  • Balance Redistribution (towards back)
  • Coatings – Less Ghosting and Flaring
  • $15,799 CAD

My last blog post was asking, maybe even begging, Canon to step-up and compete the with recent Nikon announcements of a full-frame mirrorless and something that could compete with the 500 PF.  Well I guess I owe Canon a “thank you”.


Canon announces the release of the lightest 400 f/2.8L on the market (the 400mm f/2.8L IS III USM)


Before the new Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III USM was announced, I was talking to my sales guy at The Camera Store here in Calgary and said that unless they shaved a lot of weight off the lens, I was not going to be getting a new one (I have only had my current one for 1.5 years).  Well Canon did just that. The new version 3 of the 400mm f/2.8 weighs in at just 2840g, which over 1000g lighter than the previous version of the lens, it is an over 25% reduction in weight….this is absolutely incredible.  Needless to say the minute I saw this spec, I put my name on the list to get one.


Other than being incredibly lightweight, now topping Sony by being the lightest on the market (by 50g), the 400 f/2.8L III also has improved image stabilization, and now comes with 5 stops of image stabilization compared to “only” 4 stops in the 400 version 2.


In addition to the improved weight and image stabilization, Canon has also changed the balance on the lens so that it has more weight toward the back closer to the mount.  I am looking forward to seeing how this lens is to hand-hold.  I find with my current lens hand-holding it can be a challenge because I have to hold it so far out that it’s hard to get my arm properly braced (because I’m so small). Weight distribution and balance can be more important than just total weight, especially for hand-holding lenses…airlines won’t care though, they will just care about total weight.


The lens comes with “Super Spectra Coating and Air Sphere Coating” which should help reduce flare and ghosting on the lens, although truthfully, it is not something that I have noticed being a real problem with the 400 version 2.  There is also some improved weather sealing and ability to use the lens at higher temperatures, however that’s not a feature I need, because it’s not like the Great Bear Rainforest ever really gets that hot.


As to be expected, this lens doesn’t come cheap, it is listed on Canon Canada’s website at $15,799 CAD.


I’m really excited to get my hands on this and compare it to the version 2 of this lens.  I’m really hoping that weight savings doesn’t translate into optical performance sacrifices, but I’m optimistic that this soon might become my new favorite lens. This image of a coastal wolf “Coastal” was photographed with the version 2 of the lens in the Khutzeymateen in 2017.


More about the lens can be found on Canon Canada’s website and feel free to reach out to me with any questions


Stay tuned for when I get my hands on one and can start comparing it to the version 2 of the lens.